Micaela Terk

Exhibition view

Hauntology of the Cloud

December 2019

Solo Exhibition

Hauntology of the Cloud is an immersive sound installation which explores death, memory, and the imposed ghostliness of virtual space.

Located within the depths of a Berlin nightclub, panke.gallery is a bright white cube amidst a smoky darkness fragrant of nightlife and Palo Santo. For the solo exhibition, I constructed a maze of white cotton fabric to form a cloud-like space, in which dispersed sound segments unravel and abstract language. At the heart of the installation, a black server rack emitted deep drone vibrations.


Exhibition view

Exhibition view

"As a kid, I used to think the Cloud is where we go when we die. Today, I perceive it as the boundless non-place where our online ghostly reflections are held captive. We exist in "ever-looming and invisible hyper-space powered by thirty billion watts of electricity." A mega-grid of online ghosts stored all over the planet, accessible through our devices at the speed of light. In this ephemeral condition, our existence takes the form of images, video, and text. And since we have been re-wired to believe that everything we can see is real, there is a staggering illusion that nothing ever really dies." (full text)

Exhibition view

Curator: Sakrowski

Drone: Em

Sound Recording: Yuval Rozin

Trailer: Bar Mayer

Documentation: Alexia Manzano

Thank you: Em, Cuddles, Dror Birger, Yotam Rozin, Yuval Rozin, Yotam Shibolet, Nomi Terk, Romi Terk, Omer Polak, Amitkes, Yuval Galili, Anisia Affek, Barbara Droubay, Romi Mikulinsky & Sakrowski.

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