Micaela Terk
Video from "Grounding"
Relatively, Speaking

June 2022


Kunstkappel, Amsterdam

Relatively, Speaking is a performance based on 12 words gathered by the artist through facilitated workshops and individual research. The performance playfully shares reflections on recent experiments in body-based approaches to arts education. Performer and audience bodies are invited to experience each word for themselves through prompts, audio guides, and performative encounters. Relationships between words and their literal meanings are stretched, as association and disassociation become an means for action and reflection.

Still from "Grounding"

Still from "Grounding"

Still of lexical notification board

Video: Sasha Kulak

Stills: Sander van Wettum & Tommy Smits

Editing: Micaela Terk

Assistant Editing: Ariel Tagar

Performers: Mylan Hoezen, Polina Fenko, Neda Ruzheva, Antonina Pushkareva, Bubble the Rat, Micaela Terk

Director of Objects: Amalia Shem Tov

Architectural Dramaturg: Roman Tkachenko

Dramaturgy & Design: Micaela Terk

Typeface: EKB Sans by Jan Egbers

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