Micaela Terk
Crossfade: Sonic Somatics

May 2022

Event Curation

OT301, Amsterdam

The Embodied Knowledge Bureau and aux) came together to create a symposium reflecting on one year of researching and making around sound and somatics within arts education. The evening was moderated by Sonia Fernández Pan, and included active and somatic listening sessions as well as a set by Mukuna.

For the event, I collaborated with Amsterdam-based DJ Liane to facilitate a set that works through impacts of sound on the emotional body. Locating sound waves along different energetic centers of the body, we performed a guided meditation set that helped the audience move their bodily awareness along with the sound.

Sceneography: Amalia Shem Tov

Lighting & Production: Eleni Papadimitriou

Documentation: Hugo Faustino

Supported by the Rietveld Academie Editorial Board

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